plus for nuun


add plus for nuun to your favorite active or energy flavor to create the ultimate sports drink.

Active Ingredients

sodium: 380 mg

Potassium: 200-210 mg

Magnesium: 20 mg

Calcium: 15 mg

Chloride: 80 mg

15 grams of carbohydrates

Features & Benefits

drink during intense or long workouts (>90 minutes) to stay hydrated and perform your best

formulated based on the newest science on how your system performs under stress

precise combination of electrolyte + carbohydrate ingredients, in quantities to be fully absorbed, for improved hydration and reduced stomach distress vs leading sports drinks

powder form allows you to make exactly as much as you need each time

nuun performance uses only clean ingredients, such as dried fruit powder, not fruit flavor + fillers. Certified Non-GMO

available in two delicious flavors: orange mango and blueberry strawberry flavors