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Kara Puts Plus to the Test

We’re thrilled to partner and work with Kara Goucher, a two-time Olympian, rock star mom, health advocate, and one of most decorated professional American distance runners.

One of the great things about working with Kara is her willingness to put our new products to the test and provide us with feedback. Some time ago, we pitched PLUS for Nuun to Kara, explaining the unique flavorless components and how the fast-releasing carbohydrates and added electrolytes will help fuel her faster for those harder, longer workouts. She was excited we were coming out with a product like this, and was eager to try it...

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Nuun All Day Review: YMMV Reviews

We sent JJ Johnson of Your Mileage May Vary some Nuun All Day to test out. He's a big fan of Nuun Active Hydration but hadn't yet tried Nuun All Day for his everyday hydration needs. What JJ had to say: Staying true to their established roots in the specialty market, Nuun All Day Hydration was designed to meet the needs of athletes who want to flavor their water for all-day consumption in order to stay hydrated and primed to perform. An estimated 75 percent of people are dehydrated and dehydration in athletes leads to greater risks that can result in muscle...

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Nuun: A Must Have For Fashion Week!

  [caption id="attachment_3135" align="alignright" width="334" caption="Photo from http://nuybeauty.blogspot.com/"][/caption] Nuy Beauty is one of NYC's most influential beauty blogs, and we are so thrilled to be featured in Nuy's Fashion Week Must Necessities post. Nuy is a beauty and style expert and influencer, but clearly she understands how health impacts beauty as she swears by Nuun All Day to keep her hydrated on the go. "Nuun All Day Vitamin Enhanced Drink Tabs for All Day Hydration To prevent dehydration and getting sick, I carried these cool tablets around, conveniently packed in a small tube. They're packed with electrolytes, potassium and calcium and were designed for professional athletes -- and have no...

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Nuun in Bestowed

Bestowed is the creation of nationally recognized nutritionist and author Heather Bauer. Each month, Heather and her team of health and diet experts carefully curate 5 product samples that have caught their attention. Then Bestowed members receive these samples in a box delivered right to their door, monthly. No more standing in the health food aisle for you, wondering, "what's best?" Nuun is proud to have been included in the August box, alongside some other fantastic products. To help Bestowed members stay hydrated we included Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime. Bestowed members loved their Nuun All Day! Erin: I loved these Nuun’s! I’m training for a marathon right now,...

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Nuun Featured on Greatist.com

Greatist is all about consciously making decisions to improve fitness, health, and happiness. They know that health and fitness can be hard, but are on a mission to help make it easier by being a trusted health and fitness resource for the young, savvy, and social. Sounds pretty in line with our mission to hydrate the masses, right? Laura, one of the runners of AfterNuun Delight, is also a part of Team Greatist and wrote about how Nuun and our Hood to Coast adventure. Check it out!  

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Training Peaks Loves Nuun

Training Peaks knows just as well as anyone that training and racing in hot weather is tough. As the temperatures soar many challenges arise, but one of the most serious ones that an athlete can face is dehydration. Raised heart rate, cramping, and hitting a wall are some of the first signs of dehydration to be aware of, but once symptoms begin there are less ways to effectively combat them. Stay ahead of your hydration plan with these tips! From the Training Peaks Blog: Most of us have been there. You’re in the middle of a race and feeling great. Suddenly, and seemingly...

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Bike Soup

Bikesoup.cc is known for reviewing the best gear out there to help readers determine their very own ride ingredients to make every ride a great one. And guess what one of their favorite ride ingredients is? Nuun! You can check out the whole story here - as well as reviews on other must have gear - but the short of it is that we've been given two thumbs up on hydration, flavor options, and an all-around great product. Thanks Bike Soup!  

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Hydration for Ruggers

We're proud to announce one of our newest partnerships with Your Scrumhalf Connection, THE source for women's rugby information. What started out as the typical dehydration story... The Texas heat was causing major problems with cramping and hydration despite drinking MORE than the prescribed amount of water on a daily basis. Ended happily with well-hydrated and high performance Ruggers! I was introduced to Nuun by a fellow rugger & crossfitter last year and have been religiously slurping it down ever since! ...I no longer have cramps at night or during rugby practice or long tournament weekends. Nuun is also a miracle worker for hangovers…just sayin’. Check out...

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Nuun Instead of Soda? Yes, please!

Samantha over at Running and Cupcakes just posted a great review about the importance of hydration and Nuun's role. In fact, it was so awesome that us here at the Nuun office may have learned a tip or two! Such as, keep Nuun everywhere, as in your purse, workout bag, at your desk, and in your kitchen, and never be without a bottle to fill. Samantha begins by telling a story about her dehydrated days. Can you guess how the story ends? Once upon a time there was a Little Cupcake (we’ll call her LC for short) who drank nothing but soda. And...

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SoccerCleats101.com Drinks Nuun

How do we convince folks to toss their high-calorie electrolyte replacement beverages? Usually, just by letting them test out some Nuun! SoccerCleats101.com recently tried Nuun, but was a little apprehensive to integrate something new into the routine. Swayed by our long list of ambassadors - as well as the effective reputation of our product - they gave it a go and had some great things to say: "Having spent a few weeks finishing off one container of tablets, I have to admit I am a huge fan. The key difference is that these are very light and produce a flavored water rather than the...

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