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nuuntini testing: white wine nuun-gria

summer is in full swing and we at nuun HQ are celebrating the extra rays with this white wine nuun-gria! seriously folks, the flavors of watermelon and pineapple, along with lemon lime nuun, pack the perfect punch in this breezy cocktail. kick up your feet, cool off and replenish those key electrolytes. drink it up!

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Nuuntini Testing: Nuun Creamsicle Boozy Smoothie

The days are getting hotter, and the runs are getting sweatier. We tested out the perfect spiked nuun smoothie to help you cool down, and replenish electrolytes at the same time. Sweet, creamy, nostalgic, boozy, AND hydrating. Does it get much better?

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Nuuntini Testing: Tangerine Lime Nuunarita

The best part of a margarita is the fresh, crisp flavors that tempered by sweetness. This simple twist on a Nuunarita adds some vitamins and a touch of electrolytes, for a nourishing and invigorating cocktail.

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Nuuntini Testing: Nuun Paloma

A perfect marriage between a greyhound and a margarita, the Paloma is a bubbly and uplifting citrus cocktail. I love how refreshing it tastes – and think it would make a perfect post-run pick-me-up as a nuuntini!

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Nuuntini Testing: Whiskey Ginger Lemonade

The whiskey ginger is a classic – I love the spicy nip from the ginger, and the warming roundness of the rye. It’s a cold cocktail, but can still be enjoyed in winter weather.

Our version with Nuun Vitamins also significantly reduces the sugar content, as we get to eschew ginger beer or ginger ale for sparkling water and a Nuun tablet. So you get to sip away, guilt-free!

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nuuntini testing: nuunmosa

Hi nuuniverse! Emma is enjoying some well-deserved time-off, so this month I'm sh​aring my all-time favorite nuuntini recipe: the nuun mimosa. Or, as I call it, the nuunmosa. Appropriate for post-race brunches and Christmas mornings, this nuuntini keeps it classy. It's easy to make, too! All you need is your favorite flavor of nuun and champagne. I recommend Orange for a classic mimosa or Strawberry Lemonade for a fun twist, but go ahead and experiment with your favorites.

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Nuuntini Testing: ​Rum-Orange Hot Chocolate

The weather is getting cooler, and we’re ready to get cozy. This inventive hot Nuuntini is the perfect way to warm up, rehydrate, and unwind after a chilly run.

- 1 hot cocoa packet
- ½ tablet Nuun Orange
- hot water
- 1 oz rum...

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Nuuntini Testing: Nuun Whiskey Sour

This month’s nuuntini recipe is as simple as can be.

The classic whiskey sour contains lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup, and whiskey. We’ve substituted Nuun Lemon Lime for the fruit juices, and since Nuun is naturally sweet, we can skip all the added sugar as well! All you’ll need to do for this tasty nuuntini is brew up some extra-strength Nuun, and add a shot of whiskey.

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Nuuntini Testing: ​Strawberry Lemonade Nuunarita

We’re throwing it back to an oldie but a goodie: The Nuunarita. A classic way to deliver a little rehydration/dehydration, and simple to make. I was in the mood for Strawberry Lemonade Nuun for this margarita, but feel free to mix it up and use your favorite flavor! I recommend Watermelon, Fresh Lime, or Blueberry Pomegranate Nuun!

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Nuuntini Testing: ​French 75

This month, we’re going to get all classy with a time-honored cocktail standard. The French 75 dates back to World War I in Paris, and is known for being both sweet and powerful. Our little twist will make it rehydrating as well!

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