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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Hydration

by vishal patel

At nuun, the benefits of hydration come second nature to us, because every one of us lives an active lifestyle where hydration plays a key role. We try and communicate the importance of hydration regularly, and create great tasting products to suit your various needs. But I often wonder, do people really know the true benefits of hydration? Or even do people really know what drinking fluids really does for us?

Below are some of the fundamentals principles of hydration that are often neglected.

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It’s all about recovery

By: Vishal Patel, Chief Nutritionist

Nutrition and hydration can play a major role in how our bodies can recovery after a tough workout. I’ve spent the most time researching recovery nutrition, over any other facets of sports nutrition because I truly believe it’s the most important.

Why? Because how we recovery will dictate the effort of the subsequent workout. If that isn’t enough to show how important recovery is, think of this way…elite and professional athletes dope to help improve their recovery. The illegal substances they’re consuming (EPO, HGH, etc.) all work to help repair and re-build the body, allowing them to work harder the next day, then athletes who are competing clean. Dopers still work very hard during training, but by cheating you speed up the time it takes for your body to repair itself.

For this blog, we’ll focus on three ‘general’ aspects on recovery; timing, immune health, and nutrition.

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why workouts don’t always equal weight loss

weight along isn't the best measure of fitness, but there are reasons you may want to drop a few pounds. you may find that despite increasing your activity level, the pounds are sticking around. or even more frustratingly, the pounds seem to be multiplying. there are a few reasons this can happen. avoid these mistakes to start shedding a few pounds.

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The Juice: ​Blueberry Basil Bowl

Katie from ​The Juice is back with a new, vitamin-packed recipe to help you get through cold and flu season with your immune system at full power!

As the temps go down and the mileage goes up, staying happy + healthy are key pieces to our weekly training plan. Because no one has time to be bedridden with the bug your kid picked up in school or even sidelined with the seasonal sniffles, we’ve bumped up a vitamin-packed berry blend with all the benefits of basil. Loaded with antibacterial properties to fend off the flu, basil also acts as both an anti-inflammatory agent AND as a powerful adaptogen- meaning it not only helps the body respond to stress but also fight disease. By reducing inflammation, pain AND stress, it’s our secret weapon to staying worry-free + well for a winter that's filled with wins, not woes.

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5 Reasons to Foam Roll

Foam rolling. Like it or not, it's gotta be done. For a few moments of discomfort, you can reduce your risk of injury and speed up recovery. Here's how.

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​Healthy Hydration for Kids

We love seeing families that run, bike, swim, play together, and those little ones need to stay hydrated just as much as mom and dad. Help your kids make their water count by following these tips.

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Electrolyte Balance

We all know that some of the keys to hydration are: water and electrolytes. But do we really know how each of these nutrients work together to make sure you’re staying healthy and hydrated? Fluid and electrolytes levels in the body are constantly changing, you lose water and electrolytes in more ways than you think. For instance, not many people realize that through respiration (breathing via moist air being exhaled) you actually lose quite a bit of fluids (over a day’s period, even more if exercising). Through the simple act of breathing, your body can exhale an average of 20 grams of water vapor, which translates to about 400ml of fluid loss (Note: these are averages, and individual results may vary). Therefore, staying hydrated not only involves drinking water, but it also involves, consuming balanced electrolytes through fluids and food, and monitoring your ​hydration status.

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6 Fun Facts About Sweat

​You know that sweating helps cool your body down through evaporation, but do you know these other fun facts about sweat?

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​Turning Injury Into Advantage

By Kevin Rutherford, Chief Electrolyte Officer

As I entered 2015, I was feeling confident that this was going to be my best year yet for endurance racing. I had qualified for Boston and was building a strong base of mileage during the winter months and I felt unstoppable. My sights were laser-like on competing in Boston followed by Ironman Victoria 70.3 triathlon which was a couple of months later. The Ironman Victoria race in June would be my first race in my ‘adult’ life back in my homeland of Canada. This was going to my year. However, like many visions in life, the path to...

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Should you wear sunscreen?

what’s worse, sun exposure or a vitamin d deficiency?

we know many athletes would rather train outdoors than in a gym any day, but especially as we head into summer, they face a dilemma. the sun's UV rays have both positive and negative effects on your health. The question is, should you slather on the sunscreen to prevent skin cancer or should you allow yourself some exposure so that you get enough vitamin d?

It's well-known that exposure to UV rays can be very dangerous. as few as two blistering sunburns during your life can increase your risk of skin cancer by 50 percent. even just regular exposure over many years, such as is true of many...

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