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​6 Ways to Add More Yoga to Your Life

Yoga has a plentitude of well-known benefits, but like getting enough sleep, eating well, or staying hydrated (though nuun can surely help with that!), it is sometimes an activity which we know is good for us but don’t quite do often enough.

Life is busy, messy, and occasionally chaotic, and sometimes the last thing we think we have time for is stretching on a mat. Yoga may feel like the last item on the “to do” list, but even ten minutes of yoga per day adds up over the long run—that’s 70 minutes per week, or more than 60 hours per year. Just a short daily yoga practice pays dividends to other areas of your well-being, so here are ways to ensure you make it to your mat.

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why workouts don’t always equal weight loss

weight along isn't the best measure of fitness, but there are reasons you may want to drop a few pounds. you may find that despite increasing your activity level, the pounds are sticking around. or even more frustratingly, the pounds seem to be multiplying. there are a few reasons this can happen. avoid these mistakes to start shedding a few pounds.

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caffeine and performance

​By Vishal Patel, Chief Nutritionist

One of the most widely consumed beverages in the world is coffee. And if you’re like me, you don’t necessarily drink it for the caffeine. You drink it for the preparation, to appreciate the quality of the beans, and to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

Admittedly, not everyone is like me. Most people drink coffee for the caffeine, which has a tremendous impact on the normal physiological functions of a human being. It works as a stimulant, releasing certain hormones that give you a burst of energy.

At nuun, we love caffeine, not only because it’s a critical component of our city’s favorite beverage (coffee), but for the performance benefits of consuming caffeine before, during, or after your next adventure.

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Training Through Pregnancy

By Sara Colangelo

Rejoice athletic moms-to-be! The American medical community is finally behind prenatal exercise for the majority of pregnancies. Exercising while pregnant is known to: improve or maintain cardiovascular fitness; lift your mood; ward off gestational diabetes and hypertension; fight fatigue; decrease body discomfort and excess weight gain as pregnancy progresses; and prepare your body for an easier labor. Yes, please!

Pregnancy is not the time to take up new activities (except maybe prenatal yoga – I’m now a convert!) but with certain adjustments, many training routines can be continued while cooking your little bun in the oven. Below are some common activities and modifications that I’ve discussed with my doctor and tried myself!

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​7 Yoga Poses to Relax and Restore Your Legs

Yoga is one of our favorite ways to cross-train, and the flow below doesn't even require sitting up! Ann from Runners Love Yoga is back with 7 new poses to help will help improve your flexibility, which will help you run faster and more efficiently.

After a tough workout, sometimes gathering up motivation to move is difficult—let alone stretch. Use the following 7 pose sequence to relax and restore your legs. You can stay reclining the entire time! After going through all seven poses on one side as directed, repeat the same order on the second side.

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Best of Denver

Continuing our virtual road trip, we head north to Colorado, where it can be 80 degrees by 11am, rain at 2pm and snow overnight. The Front Range doesn’t really have season, we just have gear for every adventure possible, no matter the weather. Known for the downtown bike lanes and easy access to the foothills, there is a reason Denver is growing faster than any of the other 50 most-populous cities in the US. Corey and Nick, two members of our CO-based nuun crew, and #teamnuun athlete Cody are here to show you how to live the #nuunlife in Denver.

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Best of Houston

Next up on our virtual road trip, we head down to the great state of Texas! Let Team Nuun athlete ​Lindsay​ show you the best spots in Houston to workup a sweat.


Just because Houston’s hot, doesn’t mean we don’t like to workout. Just give us some Nuun, our favorite running trails and we’ll sweat it out! If you’re looking to explore the hottest city in the south, Houston’s got you covered with trails, bike paths, parks and plenty of fitness studios.

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up your cycling game

Whether you are a roadie just starting to log miles, a triathlete looking to better your biking discipline, or a mountain biker that is exploring new trails, we have some advice (courtesy of the elite athletes and coaches behind ​speed sherpa) to help you up your game.

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Queen of the Road Mile

​Heather Kampf here! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a professional middle distance runner for Team USA Minnesota, Asics America, and probably most importantly to all of you, a proud member of ​Team Nuun Elite!

My main racing distances are the 800m & 1500m on the track, but I’ve been primarily focusing on the 1500m this season as I train for the US Olympic Trials coming up in July. Beyond the track, I’ve learned I have quite the knack for 1-mile road races as well. Over the past couple years, I have strung together a nice series of wins in various road miles across the country...to a point where I’ve somehow acquired the unofficial title of “The Queen of the Road Mile.” I’m embarrassed I even told you that, but heck, I’ve kind of just embraced it as my "claim-to-fame" now.

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​7 Yoga Moves for a Stronger Core

Sure, you can do thousands of crunches or hold a plank until you fall down, but there are more interesting—and effective—ways to get you that stronger core. Behold, 7 yoga moves to increase abdominal strength! After you get in from your next run or finish your lift, add on a few of these short yoga sequences. Before you know it, core work will be a more integral part of your regular workout routine, and your abs—not to mention the rest of your body—will thank you. A stronger powerhouse makes you a better athlete.

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